The story of Atapy began in 2002, when Capt. Rattipon Tanya determined to take a journey to his dream in creating a company where his imaginations could be shown to the world. He named his company “Atapy”, a Sanskrit word meaning “pursuing to the great intention” as it reflects his own philosophy.

Who is Atapy?

Atapy Co.,Ltd. is a registered Thai company comprising of a group of young people with different skills but sharing the same dreams in making the imaginations come alive. At the end of year 2002, we have completed our own style CAI, as we called “Game-to-teach”, namely Ata Adventures Series. Our CAI is a mixture of games, animation, and knowledge, as we believe that learning can be entertaining. After introduced Ata Adventures and other series of CAI to Thai market, our products and company are well accepted by the customers as well as government agencies. We modify our CAI for e-learning in form of web-application, and game on-line. The company was acclaimed for our own style animation that could be customized to all customers’ needs.

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