Atapy Co.,Ltd. is a well-blended of multimedia and software development company.

We believe in making “creative & artistic technology”. We provide full service of graphic design

and software development with great intention to create an excellent work.

Our products and services are: Web design& Web application, E commerce E-learning, LMS (Learning Management System)

Project management system, International conference system On-line game GUI (Graphic user interface) Design & animation

“We are looking for the following people to join our team” …

R&D Design Engineer

Responsibilities :

* Feasibility study PCB & Schematic Design, Product performance evaluate for new model and new function of each product.

* Make the Bill of Material [BOM] / New component to preparation for support trial sample of New model.

* Communicate and interact with customers to support for requirement analysis, product concept design and proposal.

* Technical analysis/ Countermeasure study for New model development.

* Create and review software development document ,test document and report.

* Have skills with Embedded systems ,Controller or CAD is a plus.

Qualifications :

* Bachelor degree or Higher of Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering or any related.

* Have experience of product design is a plus.

* Looking for both of Staff level and Supervisor Level.

* Creative & innovative, self-motivated, open-minded, and willing to learn new technologies.

Senior Full Stack Developer

Responsibilities :

* Design and implementation of web applications.

* Developing web applications using NodeJS/Vuejs, CSS, Ajax and JavaScript.

* Database SQL/NOSQL.

* Analyzing root courses and creating solutions to fix bugs.

* Creating documents: Sequence Diagrams, API Interface specifications Develop and deploy applications base on cloud (AWS, Digital Ocean).

Qualifications :

* Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Computer Science. Computer Engineering or a related field.

* Hands on experience with Nodejs, Vuejs, Nuxti.js, React.js framework.

* Experience with javaSaript, CSS, jQuery and TypeScript.

* Experience with Local storage, Session storage, Cookies, Cache Storage.

* Familiarity with browser testing and debugging.

* In-depith understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment)

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