Atapy offers completed production from the first stage of stroyboarding through the final stage of creation by experienced artists and directors. Through the years of intention to create the great quality of work, Atapy has opportunities to work for various projects such as TV commercial and multimedia. “Childhood” is a time of joy on the endless imagination. The thought is like a balloon that can be filled with new, exciting and extensive things. We need to cultivate the good thoughts and awareness during this precious time. That is why we always hear people saying that children are like “white cloths” that adults can paint the picture they like. Moreover, the behavior of the children reflects how well the parenting was. Entering the knowledge, ideas, or bringing the children to the huge world, are a way of helping them to develop their imagination skill and discover what they really like and what they want to do when they grow up. Meanwhile, “Tales” is the main tool that will help to open up the imagination for children. We can see that in everyone’s childhood they must be listening to tales, more or less, and there must be one subject that impressed so much that they had taken as a model in their lives. Although, some stories are not very long, like Aesop tales, but because of the diversity and the moral of the story, the children get to know the concept and it can be taken as a guide to live their lives to the adulthood. “Cliol” is a good presentation on good ethics and morality of society in various forms, such as perseverance, patience, honesty, self-responsibility through a media called “dream” and narrated by Cliol the conductor of the story will lead children to the imaginative world by transmitting ideas and views through the tales. Bringing famous folk tales in each Asian countr to attribute in part of the story will help disseminate the culture the wisdom of the local in the new and interesting dimensions. With great imagination, this will affect the attitudes and thoughts of children as well.